Vince Neil Sin City Reign TV Show

Everybody thinks they know Vince Neil. He’s the (in)famous singer of Mötley Crüe who’s known as much for his reputation of partying hard, surrounding himself with beautiful young women, and having a temper that TMZ can’t get enough of, as he is known as a rock star.

Vince won’t deny any of it. But what people don’t see is the business savvy, family man, who loves his girlfriend and is far more intelligent than people give him credit for.

The problem is, the wild Vince tends to undo a lot of the hard work the professional Vince puts in, and when you live in Las Vegas, the wild Vince tends to come out a lot.

The dichotomy of Vince Neil is represented to the two people closest to him: his beautiful and ambitious girlfriend Rain, and his wise and responsible, been-there-done-that business manager, Dana. If you asked either of them, they would tell you: “I have Vince’s best interests at heart” and “I am the most important person in Vince’s life.”

The problem is that while there is little doubt of Rain’s love for Vince, she has the ability to encourage his wild and carefree side to be unleashed, and, as Dana has put it, she has the characteristics of an opportunistic gold digger. Rain also has her Wolf Pack, a group of rich, young, attractive models who think they own Vegas: they take what they want, when they want – and how could Vince say no to them? Thankfully he has Dana watching his affairs, making sure nothing gets past him, and trying to ensure that Vince’s wild side doesn’t overtake his professional side.

The problem is the only person that can tell Vince what to do is Vince! Sin City Reign is “Family Jewels” meets “Real Housewives” meets “Girls Gone Wild!”