Modeled after its incredibly successful sister-series “The Aviators,” “The Bikers” shares stories of people, places, and cool gear in a way that distances itself from the all too common ‘newsy’ motorcycle shows that exist.

“The Bikers” uses the same rich but light-hearted storytelling style that has made “The Aviators” a worldwide hit. In combination with stunning videography and creative editing, “The Bikers” will gain a quick and loyal following from those within the motorcycle community as well as the dreamers who have longed to ride an iron stallion.

A sampling of ‘The Bikers’ segments includes:

  • Murdercycles, Are bikes really that dangerous?
  • Women bikers – Not just a pretty accessory
  • Getting on two wheels for the first time since you were a kid
  • Gatherings – Thousands of bikers in one place – Call in the national guard
  • Things couples do / Bikers give
  • All about charity rides; in addition to an assortment of motorcycle profiles (stories, not just stats) and historical segments, as well as popular destination segments.
The Bikers


With a base already in the tens of millions, motorcycling is NOT a niche, it’s a way of life. The application of the same successful ‘Aviators’ formula to this already much broader base is the recipe for a whole new round of success, and quite possibly on a much larger scale.

Motorsports, travel, food, humor, and gorgeous imagery all combine in captivating stories of the thrill… the legend… and the culture of the most popular form of transportation on the planet.