Announcing: The Boaters


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The Aviators airs on broadcast television with a weekly US audience of over 9.3 million in almost 3.6 million TV households as reported by Nielsen during the show’s second season.

In the United States, The Aviators has aired on over 86% of PBS stations across the country – numbers equaling PBS’ best network programs.

The nomadic RV lifestyle is more popular now than it’s ever been. From millennials to retirees, the freedom, enrichment, and sheer economics of RVing are among the most compelling reasons for a year-over-year multifold increase. The RV community in the US exceeds 30 million people!

Dark Dog Entertainment is applying the same proven winning formula from The Aviators and The RVers to the multi-billion dollar boating industry by introducing a new and completely different kind of TV series to a massive marine audience base that is growing at an explosive rate!

Past Dark Dog Entertainment Productions:

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Sponsorship Opportunity:


Get your products and services in front of millions of boaters and people dreaming of the lifestyle in Season 1.

Sponsorship packages range from mentions in the show credits, product placements, to segments and “how-to” sections specifically featuring your product, plus add in our range of online and social-media-driven acknowledgments, and your brand will be front and center in your ideal customer’s mind.

Exposure includes Discovery Channel, PBS, AppleTV, Amazon Prime, and FunRoadsTV in Canada for an international audience.

Our influencers bring with them an established social media base who will see their favorite boaters using and endorising your products.